About Us

FlyLikeUs L.L.C. Is An American Record Label Founded By West Virginia Native Ian McGill (Better Known As G!LLY) in 2015. FlyLikeUs Has Taken The Time To Develop Itself As A Recognizable Brand & Influential Company.

After going on tours with some local rap artists, he saw in the bigger cities fashion styles that were capturing the attention of young people, especially on the West Coast. While touring with these artists, McGill visited such cities as Los Angeles and Seattle. 

Other Brands Such As DOPE Couture Sold At FlyLikeUs

G!LLY said he has always wanted to own a business, but an urban clothing brand / record label wasn’t in his plans until he started touring, after graduating from Nitro High School, with some local rappers and hip-hop artists. With FlyLikeUs, shoppers can find a selection of products such as clothing, music & accessories.

G!LLY wears FlyLikeUs Gold Logo Tee

FlyLikeUs is devoted to the streetwear or “urban look,” along with the local music scene & artists. 

FlyLikeUs has a nice collection of recognizable partnered brands, including Dope Couture 

It’s a look reflected often in today’s music industry.




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